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The Ferpect SDK works with XNA Game Studio to allow you to more quickly and easily create interactive user interfaces for your games. The Ferpect component model introduces two primary game components: Screen and ScreenManager. The Screen component represents a drawing surface, while the ScreenManager component manages available screens and controls which are visible at any given time.

This is a very common pattern in games, and the Ferpect screen components are based on the Game State Management sample from the XNA Creators Club Online site. Although the class names and concepts are identical, the functionality provided has been enhanced to fix several problems. Also, the Ferpect components support being edited in a WYSIWYG design view.

The Ferpect component model does not replace the XNA Framework. However, it does replace some of the programming practices that are encouraged by the XNA Framework's Game component model. Using Ferpect SDK, programmers can work directly with game components and services without ever referring to the XNA Framework's Game class. Abstracting game components from the Game class has two main advantages:
  1. Game components can be re-used in any game that implements the Ferpect component model.
  2. Game components can be easily hosted by development tools like Visual Studio or unit tests.


For Developers Using Ferpect SDK

Getting Started
Programming Guide
Component Model Reference
How To: Articles

For Developers Building Ferpect Source Code

Working with Source Code

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